BankAxept has new terms & conditions and new prices You have to sign the new terms & conditions to keep getting paid through BanAxept.

New terms and conditions for BankAxept payments

All existing and new BankAxept vendors are required to enter into a new payments provisions agreement with BankAxept. Until now, BankAxept’s services have been provided through the vendor’s bank. Entering into a direct agreement with BankAxept is necessary for the vendor to use BankAxept’s services in the future. You will receive additional information on this from your bank.

The new BankAxept agreement replaces your existing BankAxpet agreement. Separate agreements with terminal providers, other card issuers and others will not be affected by the agreement.

New BankAxept services

BankAxept develops new payment services, including services based on contactless technology on cards and mobile phones, online payment and account payment via partners. The services aim to ensure vendors low costs whatever customers’ preferred means of payment.


BankAxept charges a monthly fee, as well as transaction fees for our main services.

Norway’s national payments scheme

BankAxept is an efficient national payments scheme for a country which is a global leader in in-store electronic payments. With BankAxept, purchases are drawn directly from customers’ accounts, guaranteeing your company daily settlements.

Shifting shopping trends and increased saturation of digital services is creating new needs for vendors. BankAxept works to develop services that can ensure vendors simple, secure and cost-efficient payments solutions in the future.

Invoicing BankAxept

BankAxept uses monthly arrears invoicing, meaning you are only billed only for actoins that occurred in the previous month.

BankAxept has digitized its invoicing. Customers are urged to use our invoice automation system (Autogiro) that lets you view the invoice on My Page on BankAxept’s home page, and avoids additional invoicing fees. We also offer invoice distribution by EHF and Digipost, or by traditional mail.

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