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Agreement terms & conditions

  1. What advantages do I gain from the payment provision agreement with BankAxept?
    In addition to developing card technology, BankAxept develops new payment solutions like contactless payment for cards and mobile phones, and online payment. These solutions will allow the merchants to accept any future form of payment favored by customers. No price increases in the next three years - guaranteed. Exceptionally competitive pricing compared to other payment solutions on the market. Fast transactions – money on your company’s account by the next working day. Dedicated customer service for commercial users. Access to “My site” with accessible overview and options for your customer relationship.
  2. Why must I sign a payment provision agreement directly with BankAxept?
    It is now required that all merchants must sign a payment provision agreement directly with BankAxept to offer BankAxept’s payment solutions. Up until now, BankAxept’s services have been provided through the merchant’s bank connection. You have or will receive information about this change directly from the bank. BankAxept is continually developing new services, including contactless payment for cards and mobile phones, online payment, and direct-account payments through partners. These services will keep merchants’ costs low regardless of customers’ preferred payment method.
  3. What happens if I do not accept BankAxept’s new terms and conditions?
    Unless you sign the payment provision agreement directly with BankAxept’s, you will at some point be unable to accept BankAxept payments at your point-of-purchase. If your Code Letter has been lost,contact us by phone 987 02018 or e-mail to receive an e-mail with a registration link.
  4. What is a payment provision agreement?
    A payment provision agreement is an agreement between your company and your company’s bank regarding the transfer of BankAxept payments funds to your company account. To accept BankAxept as a payment solution at your store, your company is required to sign a payment provision agreement with your bank connection. 
  5. Will the terminal function as usual through the implementation of the new terms and conditions?
    Yes. The terminal will function as usual.
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  1. How many annual transactions are completed using BankAxept?
    In 2016, approximately 1,55 billion transactions were completed with BankAxept, for a total value of NOK495,6 billion.
  2. How many Norwegian bank cards have BankAxept functionality?
    More than 8,5 million Norwegian bank cards have BankAxept functionality.
  3. What is BankAxept?
    BankAxept is Norway’s national payment scheme. 8 of 10 store purchases made by card in Norway are made with BankAxept cards. When BankAxept cards are used for physical commerce, payments are verified in real time through chip and the user’s personal PIN code. The transfer is settled on the next working day. When BankAxept was established in the early 1990’s, the payment scheme was owned and operated by Finans Norge. To address challenges from new payment solutions and entities, BankAxept AS was reestablished in 2014 with the Norwegian banks as owners. BankAxept’s mission is to develop payment solutions for new channels. This includes contactless payment for cards and mobile phones, online payment, and solutions that support mobile wallets. BankAxept AS develops and operates payment products for the banks under the brand name BankAxept.
  4. Who owns BankAxept?
    BankAxept AS is owned by the Norwegian banks.
  5. How many merchants accept BankAxept cards?
    Approximately 115.000 merchants accept BankAxept cards for payments.
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Card payment and settlement

  1. Can I order Visa/MC agreement through BankAxept?
    BankAxept is Norway’s national payment scheme. For agreements with international cards such as Visa and Mastercard, contact a relevant card provider. Ask your bank for advice.
  2. Can I accept BankAxept card payments if my payment terminal is offline?
    If the terminal cannot establish a connection with Bankaxept, the merchant can use a backup solution. That means you can still pay with BankAxept. The receipt must be signed by the card holder.  For purchases above NOK1500 the merchant must contact Nets on phone 08989 for authorization. Backup solutions may have set upper limits.
  3. Is it correct that I need separate agreements with the bank, the terminal provider, international cards and BankAxept?
    Yes. You must have agreements with the following parties: · The payment terminal provider. · Your bank, for a payment provision agreement for BankAxept payments. · BankAxept, to receive bank cards with BankAxept. · A Payment provider for international cards to accept cards from providers like Visa, Mastercard, Diners etc.
  4. Who settles BankAxept transactions?
    BankAxept settlements are paid by the company’s bank.
  5. Do I receive BankAxept settlements on my account on holidays?
    Settlements via BankAxept are deposited on your account on bank working days only. The banks shall make certain that settlements are deposited on your account at the latest one working day after the merchant has submitted the transaction for settlement.
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Debt collection

  1. Why have I received a collection notice?
    If the invoice is not paid by due date, a collection notice will be sent with a late fee included. If still no payment is received, the invoice will be sent to debt collection, the BankAxept service may be blocked on your terminal and the agreement terminated.
  2. Why have I received a collection notice when the invoice is already paid?
    The invoice was not registered as paid when the collection notice was initiated. If the payment was made recently, the payment and notice processes may have overlapped. If you are unsure, please get in touch with us here.
  3. What happens when the invoice is sent to debt collection?
    The institution of a debt collection issue may lead to blocking the service and terminating your agreement with BankAxept. You will be notified of these steps. Upon registered payment of initial claim and subsequent late fees, the service may be reopened.

Invoice and payment

  1. What is BankAxept’s IBAN and SWIFT information?
    IBAN: NO7715039421272 SWIFT: DNBANOKKXXX
  2. What period does my invoice cover?
    The invoice period is from the first day to the last day of each month. Your invoice will be sent in the beginning of the following month. 
  3. What is Digipost?
    Digipost is your personal public digital mailbox where you can receive digital communication from companies, people and public entities.
  4. What is EHF?
    EHF invoices are digital invoices that are funneled directly into your financial system.  The format complies with Norwegian accounting law. 
  5. Can I pay invoices from BankAxept with Vipps?
    At present, we do not accept Vipps payments.
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Marketing materials

  1. Where can I order BankAxept branding material for my points-of-purchase?
    You can order marketing material here:  

My site

  1. Can I change my contact information after I have verified the agreement?
    Yes. You can edit your contact information, invoice address, phone and email on “My site”.
  2. How do I activate BankID?
    Please contact your bank.
  3. How do I change my customer information?
    You can edit your email address, invoice address and phone number when registering. You can make additional changes on “My site”.
  4. What is My site?
    «My site» provides an overview of the agreement’s terms and conditions. You can also edit your contact information and preferred invoicing method.
  5. I can’t remember my user name!
    You don’t need a user name. You log in with your personal BankID.
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  1. Where can I find BankAxept’s price list?
    You can find our prices here; Price overview
  2. How much do I pay for a monthly BankAxept subscription?
    The merchant subscription is invoiced by BAX number, based on the amount of transactions carried out on the relevant BAX number that month. Thus, the subscription fee will not be charged for months when the terminal is unused. Price overview
  3. What does the BankAxept agreement cost?
    You can find our prices here;Price overviewThe payment provision agreement with the bank has a separate pricing scheme.

The Payment Terminal

  1. I am having trouble with my payment terminal. Who can help?
    Get in touch with your payment terminal provider. The name and number should be posted on the terminal.
  2. Can I still contact my regular terminal provider?
    Yes. The contact with your terminal provider will not change.
  3. What is a BAX number?
    A BAX number is a unique 6-digit merchant number associated with your payment terminal.
  4. Can I keep my existing payment terminal?
    Yes, you can keep your existing terminal. You only need to replace your terminal to make a model or functionality upgrade, or to fulfill new certification requirements.
  5. I am liquidating my store. Where do I send the payment terminal?
    Please contact your terminal provider. The contact information is posted on the terminal.
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