BankAxept The Norwegian payment system

BankAxept is owned by the banks in Norway, and is tasked with developing new payment solutions for a world that is constantly changing.

BankAxept ensures secure payments in Norway

BankAxept is the national payment system in Norway, and eight out of ten card payments in shops use a BankAxept card. BankAxept can be used for both physical and digital transactions. Payments are approved in real time through the use of a chip and PIN, using contactless NFC technology or by mobile phone. A check is always carried out on the user’s bank account to check the authentication and that they have sufficient funds. The purchase sum is then immediately debited from the cardholder’s account.

BankAxept AS is owned by the banks

Since its launch in the early 1990s, BankAxept has been owned and managed by Finance Norway. In order to respond to the challenges posed by new operators and new payment solutions, BankAxept AS was established in April 2014. BankAxept AS manages and develops payment solutions in new channels on a commercial basis. This includes the development of contactless payments by card and mobile, online payment solutions and immediate payments.

BankAxept uses its 25 years’ experience in the market to provide you with a straightforward and secure purchase experience today and in future.

From magnetic stripes to the present day

BankAxept’s roots go back to the deployment of ATMs at the end of the 1970s and the positioning of payment terminals at merchants from the beginning of the 1980s. The brand name ‘BankAxept’ was established in 1990, and in 1991 a joint operating infrastructure was created. At the beginning of the 1990s, the different Norwegian banking systems were merged and the banks established a joint electronic payment solution for transactions in physical user location (EFTPOS). BankAxept payment cards had, since launch, featured a magnetic stripe on the reverse of the card that was read by the payment terminal when a payment took place. In order to increase security, all cards from BankAxept are now issued with a chip, and since December 2011 it is no longer possible to use the magnetic stripe on BankAxept cards in Norway.

Modernisation of BankAxept

In April 2014, BankAxept AS was established with the banks as shareholders, and BankAxept’s task at present is to develop and maintain new payment solutions. Examples of these solutions include contactless payments for cards and mobiles, and a brand new online payment service launched in 2017 to make it safe and easy for Norwegians to shop online.

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Agreement with Interac

Press release from Interac informing about our agreement.


Kontaktløs betaling med BankAxept er nå tilgjengelig.

Bankene er i full gang med å utstede kontaktløse BankAxept-kort og de fleste betalingsterminalene kan ta imot kontaktløse betalinger med BankAxept etter programvareoppdatering/aktivering.


Kontaktløse BankAxept-kort kommer for fullt i løpet av året

Det er i ferd med å skje et skifte i bruken av betalingsløsninger, spesielt når det gjelder å ta i bruk kontaktløse betalingskort. Kontaktløse BankAxept-kort rulles nå ut i stort tempo av landets banker.


Annual report

Board of Directors

Finn Haugan – Group CEO of Sparebank 1 SMN – Chairman

Appointed CEO of SpareBank 1 SMN in 1991. Group CEO since 2010. Chairman of BN Bank and Sparebankforeningen, member of the Finance Norway (FNO) board. Chairman of SpareBank 1 Gruppen since 2017. Chairman of EiendomsMegler 1 Midt-Norge and SpareBank 1 Markets. Chairman of Trondheim Stiftelse Til Nevrovitenskaplig Forskning (Kavlistiftelsen). Previously employed by Fokus Bank for 13 years, the final years as Deputy CEO.


Benjamin Golding – Head of Payments DNB

Former Head of group strategy at DNB. Joined DNB in 2016. Previous experience from Akastor, Aker Solutions, Orkla and McKinsey&Co. in Technical Cybernetics from NTNU.


John Arne Sætre, Head of Banking Nordea Norway

John Sætre has held a range of management roles at Handelsbanken. Prior to this he held various managerial positions at Citigroup and SEB. He holds an MBA from the BI Norwegian Business School.


Dag Tjernsmo, CEO, Executive Vice President, Head of Norwegian operations, Handelsbanken Norway


Hege Toft Karlsen, Group CEO Eika Gruppen AS

Hege Toft Karlsen was appointed in 2012 after being the Director of Sales and Service since 2011. Toft Karlsen has experience from a range of managerial roles at Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, most recently as Group Director for Privat Norge. Toft Karlsen is the Chairman of Eika Forsikring AS and a member of Finance Norway. Toft Karlsen is a Law graduate from the University of Bergen with a licence to practise law, and also holds an AMP from Harvard Business School.


Geir Bergskaug, CEO of Sparebanken Sør

CEO of Sparebanken Sør since 1 November 2010. Worked for Gjensidige as a Director and Group Director (1999-2010), Chairman of Gjensidige Bank (2008-2010), Head of Banking/Director at DnB NOR (1988-1999). He holds an MBA from the BI Norwegian Business School. Also holds qualifications from Harvard Business School (GMP) and INSEAD Fontainebleau (MBA).

Collaborative partners


BankID is the most useful electronic form of identification in Norway.

Bits AS

Bits AS was formally established on 1 April 2016 as the financial industry’s new infrastructure company.

Finance Norway

Finance Norway is the main organisation for the financial industry in Norway.


Nets is a specialist in strengthening and driving forward the development of digital payments.


Interac is Canada’s national payment systems for debit payments, and is the equivalent of BankAxept.

Profile manual for the use of the BankAxept brand (Norwegian only)

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