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Card payments

Card payment is the most common and secure payment method today. With a BankAxept agreement, you get low costs and a seamless payment experience for both your customers and yourself.


Use chip or contactless

It's simple to use either card tapping or chip.


With Norwegian technology at its core, BankAxept is a safe and secure solution.


Always availiable

BankAxept has low costs and ensures that you can always accept payments.

Card payments with BankAxept has several benefits

Rapid settlements

The settlement for your BankAxept transactions is paid out daily on all banking days, provided you reconcile the terminal every day. For instance, if it's a public holiday, the account will be credited no later than the first banking day after you have submitted the transactions for settlement.

Low costs

BankAxept offers low, predictable prices for payments. We also provide discounts at various levels when turnover exceeds certain thresholds.

NOK 0,10

per transaction

0,06 %

of the product price

NOK 150

per subscription