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Sometimes you change your mind. Or maybe the dress didn't fit as well as you had thought beforehand. With BankAxept, it's easy for both you and the customer to get a refund on purchases.


Easy refunds: The customer inserts the card into the terminal and receives the amount back directly.


The deposit is directly linked to the cardholder, providing better control with traceable transactions.

Low cost

You pay a fixed, low monthly amount, and a very low cost per refund.

Money straight to your account

With our Return of goods service, the customer can insert their card into the terminal and have the money for their BankAxept purchase refunded directly to their account. The service enhances control over returned goods, reduces cash handling, and makes returns easier and less risky for both stores and customers.

Traceable transactions

As the customer inserts the card into the terminal, the deposit is linked to the individual cardholder, thereby providing your store with better control through traceable transactions.