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Cash services in store

Even though we live in an increasingly cashless society, there are still many physical bills and coins in circulation. As a customer, you can both withdraw cash and make cash deposits using the payment terminal.



Card in the terminal, enter the code, and voila - the money is in your account. It doesn't get any easier than this!



Both businesses and individuals can make deposits and withdrawals at grocery stores across the country.



When deposit machines and ATMs disappear, depositing in stores is convenient.

How does it work?

  1. Private or business customers inform that they want to deposit or withdraw money.
  2. They tap or insert their BankAxept card into the payment terminal and enter their PIN code.
  3. The deposit or withdrawal is completed.

About the service

You must have your card and enter your PIN each time, and you can withdraw or deposit into the account linked to the card. You can also tap, regardless of the amount.

NOK 20 000

max deposit

NOK 10 000

max withdrawal


max number of coins of each denomination

Stores using Cash services

The map displays all stores using our cash services.